Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

Kip ready to go to the Lake!
Chillin 6 weeks old
He was one COOL DUDE!
He loves the outdoors

Our Weekend was great! Started out by going to Josh & Jenni's to watch the UGA game on Saturday. (Kip's 1st Game) We beat Georgia Southern 45-21, which was good.
We went to Uncle Jesse's for a fish fry. It was hot! Adam and I rode around on the gator while my mom and everyone else watched Kip.
On Sunday after church we went to the lake with Josh, Jenni, Ed, Diana, Kimberly, Garrin and Joe. It was Kip's 1st trip to the lake. He loved it, I must add. He even went swimming with is daddy! I stayed on the boat and took pics. After the lake we went to the church Picnic. It was fun, not to hot! It was fun to see everyone!
On Monday, we went to the lake with Angie, Stephen, Mark and Teresa. We was going to the waterfall but because of the drought last summer there isn't enough water to get up to the waterfall. The Mayfield's had a great Labor Day weekend.
Now we are all getting ready for Bartow's Relay for Life! Lot's to do and not enough time.