Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!

Where has the year gone? No one knows.... Time just flies by when we are having fun.

I enjoy being a mom, Kip and I have so much fun everyday. He is now 16 months old and let me tell you he is a little Adam, that's for sure. He is into everything. Some days I think he might just climb up the Christmas tree. We are ready for Christmas, here at the Mayfield compound. Christmas Trees have been up for 2 weeks now. I am thinking we will not be putting gifts under the tree this year. The little gifts we are able to buy will be put up and out of reach of little hands.

My Thirty-one business has done very well in the last month. I did 4 parties and they was all over $500. I am Thankful for having Thirty-One in my life. Such a blessing to have the extra money these days. I have a few parties in the beginning of December and then I will enjoy a couple of weeks with the 2 guys in my life.

Thanksgiving was great as always. We are always very busy that day. We went to my Aunts at 12 and then his moms at 2. Good times and memories are had by all. We even started our shopping earlier this year we was at Wal-Mart at 9pm that night to get Kip's Car. It was the only one within a 100 miles and it was at the one in Cville so we had to go get it. Next year we will have to start hiding his Santa gifts but good thing we are still safe this year. Afterwards I went home to bed only to get up at 5 and meet mom at 6 at kohls. Then we headed for the mall. I must say It wasn't very crowded. I didn't do mush shopping, but it was fun.

OK OK Us GEORGIA fan have had a bad season this year and it seems like everyone that is not a fan has to rub it in our face. I must say Aren't we allowed to have a ruff season every once in a while? After the Game Saturday It made the Season great!!! Dawgs beat Tech and let me tell ya Georgia was the under Dawg and we WON! Crazy! So this year I get the bragging rights in the mayfield house. Adam for some reason like Tech. Not sure what he is thinking? This was Kip's 2nd Football Season and after every Saturday watching the Dawgs play he now can say GO DAWGS ! Very Proud!

I hope to post again soon!

Love you all!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What can we Say!!!

Adam and Kip at Game Day in Atlanta

The girls acting crazy on the 4th!

Kip and I at the lake

Kip's 1st Birthday

Kip's 1st birthday pics! By... Brandi Hurd
I know I haven't been keeping everyone up to date about what the Mayfield's have been doing. I will really try to be better. We are on Facebook and I just figure everyone sees what is up with us there. At the moment we are with our friends in Perdio Key Beach! We have been here for 7 days and we will head home tomorrow! I think we are ready to head home. Kip has not been sleeping and doesn't know how to play with our babies at all. So I feel like all we have done is said no and spanked him all week. I really wished he knew how to play. We have tried a few different punishments and nothing has worked. I don't know what else to do.
It is Fall! We have some great things planned in the up coming weeks and we can't wait. Believe me it involves some GEORGIA football. GO DAWGS!!!!
In June, Adam was out of town for 2 weeks and during that time Kip, momma, and I went to Savannah GA. It was a bunch of fun. I think we should do a little trip every year.
In July Kip turned 1, my dad turned 60, I turned 26 and Adam turned 27. Kip is growing fast. and the rest of us are getting old!!!!! I don't like being over the hump of 25 to close to 30. LOL! We also had a great 4th of July. It was Kip's 1st! We went to the parade and then to the lake. It was a great time.
On August 14th Adam and I went to Charleston SC for our 5 yr Anniversary. We had a great time. We left Kip with is Nona and Papa!
On Labor day we spent the day at the lake with Family! Candice, Walter, Stephanie,Tim and Eli. I am so glad that we have gotten to hang out with them. I hope there will be more days like this.
I hope everyone has a great Fall and I will post sooner next time

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I don't want to hear it! I know it has been 2 months since a update!
So really quick!
1~ Momma Had Surgery and is doing great!
2~ Kip has now crawled up the stairs with no fear. On the first go he Crawled all the way up, got to the top turned and started clapping .
3~ Next week he will be 10 months old! I almost have a 1 year old.
4~ Adam's job is doing great. He works alot, but at least we are blessed he has a JOB
5~ I am now a Thirty-One Consultant! YAY! I love it! Check out my web page to find out what it is all about. If you are interested in having a party let me know. Lots of open dates for June! If you love monogrammed items you will fall in love with Thirty-One.
6~ Kip will be walking soon! I know everyone says you really don't want them to walk early! They will be running before you know it and in to everything. Well I was a early walker and I think he should be too. I walked at around 8 and 1/2 months. If he would just let go he would do it! Maybe before his 1st birthday would be ok!
7~I had Strep throat in April NO FUN! I don't remember ever having it! I hated it and I still Worked through it! I was so tired.
8~ Our Friends Marc and Jessica's little boy Malachi turned one and we went to his Birthday party and it was so much fun.
9~ Can you believe it.... Adam and I are trying to plan a weekend get away for August! I can't believe we will celebrate our 5 year Anniversary!
10~ Oh yeah! Praise report.... My grandmother finished her last Cemo treatment in March! So far everything is good. If you know my grandmother then you know how stubborn she is! She is back to cutting her own grass. She just turned 79 years old( on man she is going to kill me for adding the Age) I took her out Friday for her Birthday and Mother's day to the Pizza Farm, Which she loves and had not been there since before she started treatments! I must say We had a great time I kept her out until 8 o'clock! (unusual) I am blessed to have that strong willed woman in my life. She gets so mad at me all the time! But she loves me!
11~ I have became Graceland's Nursery Director since I last posted. ( our church) I love our Church it feels like home.
12~ Adam and I are fixing to get out home repainted! Maybe Tan with white trim! The man should be starting soon! If it would just quit raining for a few days in a row! Man have we go the rain. The lake looks weird be cause it is too full. We was saying it looked scary because it was so low! Thank good for that rain , even though it messes up our hair and our plans sometimes.
13~ Kip has not one but 3 teeth coming in at the same time!
14~ We had a great Easter. It was Kip's first and he rolled around in his red wagon from mom and dad. and hunted Easter eggs. He is a mess.
15~ our friends Josh and Jenni's Little girl is sooooo Precious. She is so little she got her ears priced. So cute.
16~ I need to have yard sale but don't want to get up early.Why don't people have them in the evening I think you could sale more! LOL! Random thought!
17~ Oh yeah I went on a girls trip + Kip in April. We went down to Jacksonville FL. and St. Augustine. The girls were Kelly, Diana, Marissa, and Theresa! Lots fun! It is all owed to Stephen and Angie for the free stay! Thank you guys!
18~I just wan to ask you to pray for one of my best friends that is going through the big D and I don't mean Dallas! She and her 2 kids need our prayers!
19~ So today was Mom's Day! It was a great 1st Mom's day! Went to church and the men cooked breakfast for us all. Eric preached a good message. We went over to Adam's mom's for lunch! Kip and Ansley put there bathing suits on and jumped in the pool! They both loved it! So sweet! I will be getting his pool out ASAP! I really think he should have played for Hours! Adam, Kip, and I went to the mall got some really good deals for us and Kip! Mom and Dad Met us there, we hung out then we had dinner at the Varsity! Love it! Adam took me by Cold Stones for mom's day! Favorite Ice cream place. Then came home gave Kip a bath and we played and then we put the little booger to bed!
20~ I will post pics later! Thanks for reading and catching up with us! I hope every mom out there had a good Mothers Day!

PS ~ I am sure everyone wants to know what Adam got me for Mom's day! Since it was my first! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
He got me the last to books of the Twlight series! That is such a touching gift! I am taking them back to get the money! I can Borrow them! I have borrowed the 1st 2 books! I did get a card from him and a card from Kip! I guess I can't expect much since we have little money. I just think that you should at least get something that always reminds me of my 1st mother's day! LOL! I know I am sounding snobby! But Hey It was My 1st! Can't someone side with me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A whole month Behind!

I must say we really haven't done much this past month! Kip is now 8 months old and has 2 teeth. Crawling everywhere and pulling up now.

We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens on march 7th. We had a great time we took John walker and Amanda with us. It was a great day to hangout with our best friends Josh and Jenni and there little girl Cosette. The gardens are a lot of fun. They are doing a lot of construction and I don't think now is a good time to go.We did get a few great pics!
John Walker and Amanda with Kip and I !
Jenni and Cosette Kip sitting on a Stump! Kip and Amanda My sweet baby Our church Graceland had it's 1st birthday and we had a great celebration. Kip has been hanging out with Nona and Papa some and he has really had fun! He has gotten to play in Papa's boat and in his wagon.
...and we had St. Patty's day!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring is around the Corner!

I am not so sure if I am ready for spring yet. It only means that Summer is coming to fast! Then Kip will be ONE year old. CRAZY! Of course I have been thinking about his 1st birthday party and I don't want to go crazy, but I think I have a great idea. I had no idea how fast he would go up. It goes by in a flash. He is crawling every where. He will be running soon I am sure of it. We have been lucky this winter and Kip hasn't got a nasty little cold. I think he got something worst though. He caught a stomach bug from some where. He gave it to me, momma came over to help me and she got sick with in 30 mins. (I think she might had already had something) Then Adam got it. I have never had a stomach bug that I can remember and I really think it is of the devil. We went through so many diapers it wasn't funny! So, needless to say our House smelled of Lysol! (yuck!)
On Valentines Day Adam's dad's father passed away. We all knew it was coming. He had been in the hospital for awhile. Valentine's night Kip spent the night at mom and dad's. Adam and I had a date (yes, a date) We went to PF Chang's and then went to north pointe mall. It is a really cool mall. Then on Sunday was Baby dedication and our niece Ansley was dedicated. I will post pics at a later date. We have a few exciting thing coming up this weekend. Can't wait to tell you all about them.

Monday, February 9, 2009

We're back!

We got back home Sunday around 5 pm. We had a great time on Saturday the girl went to the outlet mall. We was there all day it seems from 1 to 5:30. We walked the whole place and it is big I really only went to get Kip some shoes. He only has one pair and I ended up getting 6 pair and all i spent was 26 dollars. I got him some sandals for this summer so cute!

Here is a pic of 5 pair!After shopping we headed back to the cabin to find Jennifer's bed, nightstands, and all her luggage and lamp in the drive way! The light was even on! Hahaha! let me tell you the pranks started on Friday night when the boy and when I say boys I mean Adam, Josh, Marc, Cooper, Kirk, Neil, and Benton. They put her Box spring on the top of her mattress. Then until we left the guys and Jenn went back and forth. It was fun but it was getting old come late Saturday night!
Here is Jenn with the that guys moved her room. She is trying to look mad but we really thought it was all funny!Kip started crawling on this trip! I must say he is slow but he now crawls a little then sits up and chills for a sec. So darn cute! Here are a few more pics from our trip!
Adam, Josh, and Marc
Josh and I cooking Taco's
Adam and I having a corndog! Jenn and I Matched! It was a mistake! Kip and Cosette!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hidden Point

Adam and I

Jennifer, Jessica,Candace, and me

Yes we matched! By mistake

The Girls

The guys

So here we are hanging out in Gatlinburg, Tenn. At our cabin Hidden Point. Thanks to Marc and Jessica for hooking us up! There is 16 people here with us and I must say that we have lot of stories to tell. Josh, Jenni, Cosette, Marc, Jessica,Candace, Kirk, Christine, Ben, Jennifer, Benton,Neil, Copper, Adam, Kip and I. Adam and I got here at 3:15 am, We was so tired. We was welcomed by Marc, Josh and Neil. They was STILL up playing Rock Band. Kip went back to bed when we got here. He so far has been great. He is starting to crawl and we are so excited. We know that means that we are going to be moving more.

So, yesterday we all went downtown Gatlinburg it still looks the same. We had a corn dog from Fannie Farfinkcles. We hung out in town from 12 to 4 or so, we then came back to the cabin we had taco's for dinner and we didn't do much after.

Now I have woke up and getting blamed for doing something to Jennifer's bed. I have no clue what is going on and for once I wasn't in on a prank. We will post more later.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How Kip got his Name!

I wanted to make this blog to let all of you know that don't how Kip got his name! It is a little Freaky some might say, but It really means a lot to Adam and I! We are so blessed to have this little guy in our lives and we give all the thanks to God. I am not a Writer at all. Most of you can tell. I really like sharing my life with those around us. I hope you all enjoy!

How you got your name!
Kipton Nathaniel
I (mommy) always knew I wanted to name my first son after my brother, which would be your uncle. His name was Kip Wilson Fowler. Your name being Kipton Nathaniel and we was going to call you Nate. Your uncle Kip was 12 years older than I. His birthday was October 30, 1971. He was the best big brother a little redhead girl could ask for. He past away April 6, 1995, I was almost 12 years old and in sixth grade. Yes, it was hard, but it made me stronger in so many ways. You have to know that from the time we conceived you he was smiling down from heaven with joy that he was going to be a uncle.
We (mommy and daddy) was not planning on trying to have any babies until at least the summer that you are born. As you will learn God has a plan for our lives. We conceived you on October 30, 2007, which is your uncle Kip’s birthday. You are a gift from God and your Uncle. We found out we was expecting on Saturday, November the weekend before Thanksgiving.
In December 2007 I had a great dream. It started out to be a strange dream. “Your grandma (my mom) had gone crazy and gone to the cemetery and dug up your uncle. She called me and told me to come over to there house (grandma and grandpa) to see Kip before she buries him under there house. So I went over to the house where I grew up until I married your daddy. When I saw your uncle Kip laying on the ground in tissue paper, he looked the same as he did the last time I saw him. Nothing had changed in 12 years. My mom your grandma started to cover him up with dirt. When she turned to get the dirt with her shovel, the wind blew and the tissue covering his face came open. Kip looked up at me and smiled and told me he was happy for me and everything was going to be okay. When grandma would turn to but the dirt over him he would go back to sleep. Every time she would turn the other way he would smile and talk to me a little more each time.”
I woke up and was a little freaked out about the whole dream. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I tried to think of everything else I had to do that week.
When I finally went back to sleep I dreamed “ That you was already born. I had gone to your grandparents to see if your grandma could watch you for a few hour while I went somewhere. She couldn’t. She had to get to a meeting and was very busy getting ready to go. While she was in her room your uncle Kip came walking out of his old room. He told me to be quiet that mom and dad didn’t know he was alive and living back in his room. He heard mom start to come out of her room, so he took off running to his room to hind. She went in to the bathroom, I walked back to his room to see if he was really alive and in my dream he was. He told me to leave and wait for mom to leave and come back and he would watch the baby (you). So, I did! I came back and there he was with open arms and reaching for you. When I handed you to him he smile and said “ Little KIP is so cute”. That is when I woke up from the dream and I just felt peace all around me. That is when I knew that I was going to call you KIP!
At that time we didn’t know what we was having a Boy or a girl? Your Daddy wanted a boy so bad it wasn’t funny and I had a feeling that you was a boy, because of the conceive date, the dream and not to mention that on your grandma’s side of the family if a man passed away before the first child was born it was more likely be a boy. Crazy I know, but it must be true. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. In February 2008 We found out that we was having a BOY! His name will be Kipton Nathaniel Mayfield and we will call him Kip. Thanks to God and your Uncle Kip we will know that our “Little Kip is going to be so cute!”
Love your Mommy
Your names meaning: Kip- from a pointing hill
Nathaniel- gift of God

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6 months old

Kip is now 6 Months old and a week! We went to have his check up today! He perfect and everything came out good! He weighs 18 lbs and is 28 1/2 in. long! He is in the 95% for Height and in the 75% for Weight. He no longer has to take meds for his Acid Reflux! Which is good! He still has acid reflux, but it don't seem to bother him as much. He still throws up alot, but as long as he is not in pain he is good. He got 5 shots today! He is such a good boy! He cried a little and then he was fine. He is now sleeping in his swing!

It will not be long before Kip will be crawling. He can get up on all fours and rocks back and forth! I know it is a good thing but I not looking forward to chasing him around! He loves the walker that he got for Christmas he chases Baxter around the house. Just when Baxter thinks he can't get him, Kip corners him in the corner. We think it is funny, but i don't think Baxter is amused.

Adam says he can't wait for him to walk! Then he can chase him.

Just so you know Adam's Grandfather is in the hospital. Just pray that the family makes the right decision. He has pneumonia and has a lot of fluid around the lungs and heart and can't breathe on his own.

Monday, January 5, 2009

His red wagon

Elizabeth, Kip and Ryan

John Walker, Amanda and Kip

US with grandmama

The cutest christmas baby ever

Christmas morning

Kelli, Jessica, and I at Aunt Vickie's

WOW! It is 2009! That is Amazing! Kip has just had his 1st Christmas! Crazy to think last year at this time, we only knew that I was pregnant! Now he is almost 6 months old. We will be planning his 1st birthday before we know it!

Christmas was great! Kip got a walker and a few toys from Santa. He loves his walker! He can really get it going. He got a red wagon from his Nona and Papa! It is still at there house. Where would we put it? I think we have enough diapers to get us by for awhile! So do yall really care about all that! Christmas was different this year. With Grandmama having cancer and staying down at Aunt Betty's, which it was nice to go down there and having dinner for Christmas. We really missed PawPaw and Papaw this year. That was the Sad part, but at least they had the best Christmas ever!!!!!
New years was fun we had dinner with Ed, Diana and Theresa at Tokyo's. Then we went over to Kimberly and Garrins to bring in the new year. New years day we went to Ed and Diana's to Watch to Bulldawgs play and Win! Then we played Wii all day! It was fun.
We are wishing everyone a great New year! May 2009 be the best ever!