Friday, September 26, 2008


Paw paw and I June 08
I am so glad he got see kip and we got to get this pics!
Well, today has been a very busy day! My paw paw has been on hospice for a few months and today God called him home. It was a good thing. He is no longer in pain and is no longer suffering. He can jump up and down, run the streets of gold and sing with the Angels. He loved to sing! Right before i was born he suffered a stroke and lost his feeling in his right side and could no longer talk. He could make sounds. If he tried real hard he could say I Love you! Which means a lot. He had a real love for dogs. He lived for a little over 25 years with is disabilities and I must say If it wasn't for his wife Fannie he couldn't have done it. She was so good to him and I love her everyday for having such patience with him and for taking care of him. That was one thing you had to have with him and that was Patience. Keep my family in your prayers! Yeah DO!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not much

Kip with Grandmama

With Papa's hat and glass!

What can I say it was another great football weekend! Georgia Won and Bama! I am not sure about this coming up weekend! It will be a great game! To bad I can't watch it! Adam and I are having date night with a bunch of friends. We are going down to the Fox to watch Les Mis. Sounds fun. I guess for Adam's sake I can through in that he is happy because Georgia Tech won Too.

Friday afternoon Kip and I went over to Grandmama's to visit! She looks really good! Monday she starts her 1st round of treatments. I bet she will not be feel well after that but she's fighter, she can do it. For thoughts of you that don't know she has colon cancer. She has a few other spots in other places, but it is in God's hands. Just keep her in your prayers.

Saturday we cleaned out or closet! I have learned to not let Adam help he has to keep everything. We went to dinner with Angie and Stephen. She had a Gift card for a restaurant down town Acworth. So, we had to go try the place out! Not very good, if I knew the name of the place I would tell you, but i can't spell it. Afterwards Adam, Kip and I went to Ed and Diana's to watch the game.

Sunday~ We went to church. It was college game day, but I didn't get the email so we wasn't dressed up. We could have won! Everyone else was ready! We came home afterwards and Adam and i clean a little more. We are getting ready for a few yard sales. I have started selling few things on eBay. I hope it works, we need some money. Why not sell some junk? I am very excited! If all goes well I am going to do some things for my brother in laws business. Wish me well. Adam is just sitting back thinking I have gone crazy for doing eBay and yard sales. I'll hope to be laughing in his face when I am making money! I hope everyone has a blessed week! Go Dawgs!