Saturday, September 26, 2009

What can we Say!!!

Adam and Kip at Game Day in Atlanta

The girls acting crazy on the 4th!

Kip and I at the lake

Kip's 1st Birthday

Kip's 1st birthday pics! By... Brandi Hurd
I know I haven't been keeping everyone up to date about what the Mayfield's have been doing. I will really try to be better. We are on Facebook and I just figure everyone sees what is up with us there. At the moment we are with our friends in Perdio Key Beach! We have been here for 7 days and we will head home tomorrow! I think we are ready to head home. Kip has not been sleeping and doesn't know how to play with our babies at all. So I feel like all we have done is said no and spanked him all week. I really wished he knew how to play. We have tried a few different punishments and nothing has worked. I don't know what else to do.
It is Fall! We have some great things planned in the up coming weeks and we can't wait. Believe me it involves some GEORGIA football. GO DAWGS!!!!
In June, Adam was out of town for 2 weeks and during that time Kip, momma, and I went to Savannah GA. It was a bunch of fun. I think we should do a little trip every year.
In July Kip turned 1, my dad turned 60, I turned 26 and Adam turned 27. Kip is growing fast. and the rest of us are getting old!!!!! I don't like being over the hump of 25 to close to 30. LOL! We also had a great 4th of July. It was Kip's 1st! We went to the parade and then to the lake. It was a great time.
On August 14th Adam and I went to Charleston SC for our 5 yr Anniversary. We had a great time. We left Kip with is Nona and Papa!
On Labor day we spent the day at the lake with Family! Candice, Walter, Stephanie,Tim and Eli. I am so glad that we have gotten to hang out with them. I hope there will be more days like this.
I hope everyone has a great Fall and I will post sooner next time