Monday, February 9, 2009

We're back!

We got back home Sunday around 5 pm. We had a great time on Saturday the girl went to the outlet mall. We was there all day it seems from 1 to 5:30. We walked the whole place and it is big I really only went to get Kip some shoes. He only has one pair and I ended up getting 6 pair and all i spent was 26 dollars. I got him some sandals for this summer so cute!

Here is a pic of 5 pair!After shopping we headed back to the cabin to find Jennifer's bed, nightstands, and all her luggage and lamp in the drive way! The light was even on! Hahaha! let me tell you the pranks started on Friday night when the boy and when I say boys I mean Adam, Josh, Marc, Cooper, Kirk, Neil, and Benton. They put her Box spring on the top of her mattress. Then until we left the guys and Jenn went back and forth. It was fun but it was getting old come late Saturday night!
Here is Jenn with the that guys moved her room. She is trying to look mad but we really thought it was all funny!Kip started crawling on this trip! I must say he is slow but he now crawls a little then sits up and chills for a sec. So darn cute! Here are a few more pics from our trip!
Adam, Josh, and Marc
Josh and I cooking Taco's
Adam and I having a corndog! Jenn and I Matched! It was a mistake! Kip and Cosette!