Monday, March 23, 2009

A whole month Behind!

I must say we really haven't done much this past month! Kip is now 8 months old and has 2 teeth. Crawling everywhere and pulling up now.

We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens on march 7th. We had a great time we took John walker and Amanda with us. It was a great day to hangout with our best friends Josh and Jenni and there little girl Cosette. The gardens are a lot of fun. They are doing a lot of construction and I don't think now is a good time to go.We did get a few great pics!
John Walker and Amanda with Kip and I !
Jenni and Cosette Kip sitting on a Stump! Kip and Amanda My sweet baby Our church Graceland had it's 1st birthday and we had a great celebration. Kip has been hanging out with Nona and Papa some and he has really had fun! He has gotten to play in Papa's boat and in his wagon.
...and we had St. Patty's day!