Monday, September 15, 2008

Last day at the Beach!

Well ......

Today is Monday, we had a very eventful morning! At 3:30am our power went out due to a electrical fire out on the power pole in front of the house. The guys had the fire out before the fire dept. arrived. It was a pretty big fire. Wow, what a morning! We was with out power for about 4 hours. It is really hard to change a diaper and feed a baby in the dark. We got the job done!

When we woke up for the day we then found out that we had no cable and no Internet. I really don't know how everyone use to manage before we had all these great things.

Around lunch we went out to the beach, babies and all. Malachi and Kip was so cute in there matching swimsuits. Josh and Adam dug them a little seat in the sand. They are so cute. I can't wait to show them the pics of them in like 5 years. They will think that their parents are crazy! Which we are! LOL!

We had Dinner at Sea N Suds, it was a good place to eat. We ended up having to eat outside most of the trip because of Kip, he doesn't like to be inside the only way to keep him from screaming was to be outside.

Thank you Marc and Jessica for letting us come to the beach with ya'll. Tell your grandparents know we had a great time and they have a very nice beach house.

We are sorry to all of ya'll that Kip was very vocal and wants everyone to know he was there. I know he can give people headaches. We have them all the time. We pray that he will grow out of this so ya'll will continue to take us on trips. At least he loved the beach! We love ya'll!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day three at beach


The girls went shopping at the outlet mall with the babies. While the guys played Xbox 360 All DAY! I got a new diaper bag that is bigger, for days that we are away from home all day! The one we had was really over flowing. We met the guys for dinner at Lamberts the home of the thrown rolls. We have big plans tomorrow to hangout at the beach for most of the day and take lots of pics!

Day two at the beach!

Just Chillin'
he is not happy to be out of the water
1st beach vacation for the Mayfield's
He really liked the water.
Watching the Dawgs play
This morning Adam and I took Kip down to the beach. We took lots of pics of him hanging out in the water. The waves have gone down some not as big as yesterday. Kip didn't seem to mind that the water was a little cold.

We spent the afternoon watching the UGA vs South Carolina and GT vs VT! UGA WON!! They really didn't play as well as us Ga. fans would have liked, but we still are 3-0! Go DAWGS! During the games I colored and cut Jessica's hair and cut Josh's hair. Can't go on vacation with out doing hair! Got to make everyone look good! LOL!

The Girls and babies went to Target, while the guys watched the Ohio State and USC. When we got back to the house Josh had dinner ready and it was his Famous Tacos! His tacos are the best!