Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hidden Point

Adam and I

Jennifer, Jessica,Candace, and me

Yes we matched! By mistake

The Girls

The guys

So here we are hanging out in Gatlinburg, Tenn. At our cabin Hidden Point. Thanks to Marc and Jessica for hooking us up! There is 16 people here with us and I must say that we have lot of stories to tell. Josh, Jenni, Cosette, Marc, Jessica,Candace, Kirk, Christine, Ben, Jennifer, Benton,Neil, Copper, Adam, Kip and I. Adam and I got here at 3:15 am, We was so tired. We was welcomed by Marc, Josh and Neil. They was STILL up playing Rock Band. Kip went back to bed when we got here. He so far has been great. He is starting to crawl and we are so excited. We know that means that we are going to be moving more.

So, yesterday we all went downtown Gatlinburg it still looks the same. We had a corn dog from Fannie Farfinkcles. We hung out in town from 12 to 4 or so, we then came back to the cabin we had taco's for dinner and we didn't do much after.

Now I have woke up and getting blamed for doing something to Jennifer's bed. I have no clue what is going on and for once I wasn't in on a prank. We will post more later.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How Kip got his Name!

I wanted to make this blog to let all of you know that don't how Kip got his name! It is a little Freaky some might say, but It really means a lot to Adam and I! We are so blessed to have this little guy in our lives and we give all the thanks to God. I am not a Writer at all. Most of you can tell. I really like sharing my life with those around us. I hope you all enjoy!

How you got your name!
Kipton Nathaniel
I (mommy) always knew I wanted to name my first son after my brother, which would be your uncle. His name was Kip Wilson Fowler. Your name being Kipton Nathaniel and we was going to call you Nate. Your uncle Kip was 12 years older than I. His birthday was October 30, 1971. He was the best big brother a little redhead girl could ask for. He past away April 6, 1995, I was almost 12 years old and in sixth grade. Yes, it was hard, but it made me stronger in so many ways. You have to know that from the time we conceived you he was smiling down from heaven with joy that he was going to be a uncle.
We (mommy and daddy) was not planning on trying to have any babies until at least the summer that you are born. As you will learn God has a plan for our lives. We conceived you on October 30, 2007, which is your uncle Kip’s birthday. You are a gift from God and your Uncle. We found out we was expecting on Saturday, November the weekend before Thanksgiving.
In December 2007 I had a great dream. It started out to be a strange dream. “Your grandma (my mom) had gone crazy and gone to the cemetery and dug up your uncle. She called me and told me to come over to there house (grandma and grandpa) to see Kip before she buries him under there house. So I went over to the house where I grew up until I married your daddy. When I saw your uncle Kip laying on the ground in tissue paper, he looked the same as he did the last time I saw him. Nothing had changed in 12 years. My mom your grandma started to cover him up with dirt. When she turned to get the dirt with her shovel, the wind blew and the tissue covering his face came open. Kip looked up at me and smiled and told me he was happy for me and everything was going to be okay. When grandma would turn to but the dirt over him he would go back to sleep. Every time she would turn the other way he would smile and talk to me a little more each time.”
I woke up and was a little freaked out about the whole dream. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I tried to think of everything else I had to do that week.
When I finally went back to sleep I dreamed “ That you was already born. I had gone to your grandparents to see if your grandma could watch you for a few hour while I went somewhere. She couldn’t. She had to get to a meeting and was very busy getting ready to go. While she was in her room your uncle Kip came walking out of his old room. He told me to be quiet that mom and dad didn’t know he was alive and living back in his room. He heard mom start to come out of her room, so he took off running to his room to hind. She went in to the bathroom, I walked back to his room to see if he was really alive and in my dream he was. He told me to leave and wait for mom to leave and come back and he would watch the baby (you). So, I did! I came back and there he was with open arms and reaching for you. When I handed you to him he smile and said “ Little KIP is so cute”. That is when I woke up from the dream and I just felt peace all around me. That is when I knew that I was going to call you KIP!
At that time we didn’t know what we was having a Boy or a girl? Your Daddy wanted a boy so bad it wasn’t funny and I had a feeling that you was a boy, because of the conceive date, the dream and not to mention that on your grandma’s side of the family if a man passed away before the first child was born it was more likely be a boy. Crazy I know, but it must be true. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. In February 2008 We found out that we was having a BOY! His name will be Kipton Nathaniel Mayfield and we will call him Kip. Thanks to God and your Uncle Kip we will know that our “Little Kip is going to be so cute!”
Love your Mommy
Your names meaning: Kip- from a pointing hill
Nathaniel- gift of God