Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We are HOME!

Well, to say the least we had a great time in the Smokies. We enjoyed family time. With out the stress of buying Christmas gifts. We spend a day at Dollywood. Kip and Ansley got to see Santa and Mrs.Claus. We rode a train and got to see a couple of shows. It was a cold day! We left right after dark. We got to see Dollywood all lit up. After that we all went back to the Cabin to play some pool and to get warm.
Sunday we spent the day out and about. We went over to the outlet mall . Had lunch at the Apple barn. YUMMY! Then Adam and I went to the Christmas store and rode around. That night we went to the Dixie Stampede. Which we have been to way to many times. It is a great show but we know what they are going to so before they do it. Time for something new! Then back to the room to show off our Pool skills! WE loved our Cabin! Thanks to Jessica and Cabins for you! It was great! Oh yeah did i mention that we ate at FLAPJACKS! LOL! only Adam and I get that!
Came home on Monday and stopped by the bass pro shop to get some cute pics for PAPA!
Thank you Grannie Fannie for watching Baxter! We hope he wasn't to much trouble.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Yes! Really! We came over the mountain and there was 3ins of snow! BEAUTIFUL! Kip's First snow! To bad we had to travel to see it! Maybe we will get some at home this winter.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We can't wait!

Kip with Santa

Us with Mamaw

We are headed to the mountains this Friday! We are so ready to get out of town. Adam has been working like a crazy person and I am just ready! When someone says lets go I say when.

We started giving Kip some real food and he seems to like everything except green beans. He don't like them to well. We started with the Veggies and some time during the day now we are letting him try fruits. It is fun watching him eat different foods. The first week we had food every where. We are getting better. Not so messy!

Thanksgiving was great. We kicked it off by going over to Marc and Jessica dewberry's on the Sunday before. We ate and played a game called "Signs". Which is now something we do every Sunday night. it is so Additive. On thanksgiving day we watched to Macy's day parade and then we got ready to go to Aunt Eunice's. Kip had a funny look on his face the whole time and couldn't figure out who all the people were. After that we went over to Mark and Teresa's. We had a great time they broke out old video's of all the kids growing up. We laughed and had a great time.

Well, we should have a update of out trip daily as of Sat. So, keep up!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kip's 4 months old!

So, is there a winter chill in the air a little soon! Does that mean we will see lots of snow this year! We can only hope. In the last 4 years we have only had a inch of snow and we want more! If it is this cold it should be snowing!

Kip is now 4 months old and changing everyday, before we know it we will blink and he will be in High school. I am scared of that day! I like my baby being little! He has a nasty little cold! With a fun runny nose and little cough. He is having a hard time sleeping and so am I .

Adam is up in the North Georgia mountains, he is there for a SWAT class. I am sure he would rather be home . He says he is freezing and it has really be long days. He gets home Friday, maybe we can go out to eat to celebrate him being home.

My grandma has been in the hospital again and this time it has been since Nov. 11th. She wasn't doing good the Chemo is kicking her butt! We are hoping she is coming home tomorrow. My Aunt Betty is going to let her come say there. Thank you Aunt Betty you are the greatest! I did go to the hospital yesterday and Curled her hair for her. Just keep praying for her.

Well, I'll keep you posted! This weekend we are taking Kip to see Santa! EXCITING!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It has been awhile!

Oh my! Where do I start? My Internet has been down and I couldn't update my blog! A lot has happened! Kip is almost 4 months old! Can't believe it! He has gotten so big! He is growing up right before our eyes!
On Friday Oct. 24, we had a 70's night of mystery at our church. It was alt of fun! I was Trisha Trinket and Adam was Wade Wilmington. We was the Maid of honor and Best man! No was not the killer!
We went to Helen, Ga. with Ed, Diana, and Theresa for Oktoberfest on Oct. 26th. We had fun playing put-put and walking around, but Oktoberfest was not what we expected.
We enjoyed his 1st Halloween he was a puppy with floppy ears! I took him and Elizabeth down town Cartersville to trick or treat! Really just Elizabeth trick or treated! We had fun. We walked around with Stephanie, Tim and Eli. Afterwards we went over to Aunt Kelly's, Nona and papa's and we visited Jane and Ralph (Nana and Pop) as well. Adam then met up with us and we went to trunks of treats at the church. Lot's of candy and fun. we took Elizabeth home and went to Nana and Paw's to see them and Memaw! Very busy day!
Adam has been working alot! Only having Monday's off so I have been doing alot and I went back to work my 3 days. We are trying to start saving for Christmas. Can't believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are just weeks away! I hope everyone is having a great Fall and enjoying the beautiful leafs.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Papaw to Ansley

Well, most of you know Adam's Papaw passed away Sunday Oct 5 at his home, with Memaw by his side. Papaw had been ill for sometime. He had cancer and Alzheimer's. It is sad to see him go but we all know that he is in a better place with GOD. Although I have only been in the family 5 years he meant a lot to me. I am the first In law grandchild and he and memaw treat me like I have always been one of theirs. We are so blessed that Kip and papaw got to meet. We have great pictures and memories. To share with Kip as he gets older. His papaw and his pawpaw was very proud of having a great grandson. Kip was the first on both sides and I am so thankful they all got to meet.

Well, I am a AUNT I can't believe it! Angie and Stephan had Ansley Lane Hammond 10-10-2008 at 4 am. She weighted 8 lbs and 1 oz. She has blondish Brown hair, Long fingers and long skinny feet! She was 2 weeks early and everything went fine. I got to be in the room with Angie and Stephan and I must say it was a experience. I will never forget!! It was Awesome.

Kip and I went with Nona and Papa to the Apple Festival in Elijay on Saturday. Dad put the Truck in the car show and won! We had a great time. Aunt Eunice, Uncle David and Courtney came up too.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008


Paw paw and I June 08
I am so glad he got see kip and we got to get this pics!
Well, today has been a very busy day! My paw paw has been on hospice for a few months and today God called him home. It was a good thing. He is no longer in pain and is no longer suffering. He can jump up and down, run the streets of gold and sing with the Angels. He loved to sing! Right before i was born he suffered a stroke and lost his feeling in his right side and could no longer talk. He could make sounds. If he tried real hard he could say I Love you! Which means a lot. He had a real love for dogs. He lived for a little over 25 years with is disabilities and I must say If it wasn't for his wife Fannie he couldn't have done it. She was so good to him and I love her everyday for having such patience with him and for taking care of him. That was one thing you had to have with him and that was Patience. Keep my family in your prayers! Yeah DO!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not much

Kip with Grandmama

With Papa's hat and glass!

What can I say it was another great football weekend! Georgia Won and Bama! I am not sure about this coming up weekend! It will be a great game! To bad I can't watch it! Adam and I are having date night with a bunch of friends. We are going down to the Fox to watch Les Mis. Sounds fun. I guess for Adam's sake I can through in that he is happy because Georgia Tech won Too.

Friday afternoon Kip and I went over to Grandmama's to visit! She looks really good! Monday she starts her 1st round of treatments. I bet she will not be feel well after that but she's fighter, she can do it. For thoughts of you that don't know she has colon cancer. She has a few other spots in other places, but it is in God's hands. Just keep her in your prayers.

Saturday we cleaned out or closet! I have learned to not let Adam help he has to keep everything. We went to dinner with Angie and Stephen. She had a Gift card for a restaurant down town Acworth. So, we had to go try the place out! Not very good, if I knew the name of the place I would tell you, but i can't spell it. Afterwards Adam, Kip and I went to Ed and Diana's to watch the game.

Sunday~ We went to church. It was college game day, but I didn't get the email so we wasn't dressed up. We could have won! Everyone else was ready! We came home afterwards and Adam and i clean a little more. We are getting ready for a few yard sales. I have started selling few things on eBay. I hope it works, we need some money. Why not sell some junk? I am very excited! If all goes well I am going to do some things for my brother in laws business. Wish me well. Adam is just sitting back thinking I have gone crazy for doing eBay and yard sales. I'll hope to be laughing in his face when I am making money! I hope everyone has a blessed week! Go Dawgs!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Last day at the Beach!

Well ......

Today is Monday, we had a very eventful morning! At 3:30am our power went out due to a electrical fire out on the power pole in front of the house. The guys had the fire out before the fire dept. arrived. It was a pretty big fire. Wow, what a morning! We was with out power for about 4 hours. It is really hard to change a diaper and feed a baby in the dark. We got the job done!

When we woke up for the day we then found out that we had no cable and no Internet. I really don't know how everyone use to manage before we had all these great things.

Around lunch we went out to the beach, babies and all. Malachi and Kip was so cute in there matching swimsuits. Josh and Adam dug them a little seat in the sand. They are so cute. I can't wait to show them the pics of them in like 5 years. They will think that their parents are crazy! Which we are! LOL!

We had Dinner at Sea N Suds, it was a good place to eat. We ended up having to eat outside most of the trip because of Kip, he doesn't like to be inside the only way to keep him from screaming was to be outside.

Thank you Marc and Jessica for letting us come to the beach with ya'll. Tell your grandparents know we had a great time and they have a very nice beach house.

We are sorry to all of ya'll that Kip was very vocal and wants everyone to know he was there. I know he can give people headaches. We have them all the time. We pray that he will grow out of this so ya'll will continue to take us on trips. At least he loved the beach! We love ya'll!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day three at beach


The girls went shopping at the outlet mall with the babies. While the guys played Xbox 360 All DAY! I got a new diaper bag that is bigger, for days that we are away from home all day! The one we had was really over flowing. We met the guys for dinner at Lamberts the home of the thrown rolls. We have big plans tomorrow to hangout at the beach for most of the day and take lots of pics!

Day two at the beach!

Just Chillin'
he is not happy to be out of the water
1st beach vacation for the Mayfield's
He really liked the water.
Watching the Dawgs play
This morning Adam and I took Kip down to the beach. We took lots of pics of him hanging out in the water. The waves have gone down some not as big as yesterday. Kip didn't seem to mind that the water was a little cold.

We spent the afternoon watching the UGA vs South Carolina and GT vs VT! UGA WON!! They really didn't play as well as us Ga. fans would have liked, but we still are 3-0! Go DAWGS! During the games I colored and cut Jessica's hair and cut Josh's hair. Can't go on vacation with out doing hair! Got to make everyone look good! LOL!

The Girls and babies went to Target, while the guys watched the Ohio State and USC. When we got back to the house Josh had dinner ready and it was his Famous Tacos! His tacos are the best!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day one at the beach!

Kip is happy to be at the beach!

His 1st beach picture.

Marc, Josh, and Adam not
sure about this wave.

Well, We made it! We are at Orange Beach Florida, we arrived at 5:30 am. Kip did pretty good during the ride. We only had to stop once about 1:30 because he was hungry. Now we can say Kip has been to Florida and Alabama. He likes to ride in the car. Adam and I got a few hours of sleep when we arrived, but not enough.

We really didn't do a whole lot today! Hurricane Ike is really making it very windy and the waves are Huge! Adam, Marc, and Josh played in the ocean. It was very dangerous! A wave hit Adam and his head ran in to Josh. Giving Adam a head ache. Then Adam got a cramp in his leg, Marc and Josh had to get him out of the water. The whole time Jenny and I are sitting there trying to figure out what they are doing. Kip loves being outside. We haven't put his toes in the sand and a drink in his hand yet but he is still very happy.

We went to The Hangout for dinner it was a very cool atmosphere, but a little dead due to the weather and it is off season. After I got Kip to sleep! Adam and I crashed we was so tired.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What a weekend!

Kip was ready to watch the Dawgs play!

Here he was actually watching them play

Kelly, Diana, Me, & Amy at 2008 Relay for Life

Kip and Elvis (Randy Reese)

Mom and I

Our weekend was way busy! It all started on Friday, with Relay for Life at Dillinger park. Our theme was Disney Princess fighting for a Cure. We sell save the Ta-Ta stickers and Magnets and they went fast. Now we just know how much we need to get for next year. It was Kip's first relay and we are all sure it will not be his last. He really did great! Thank goodness he loves to be out side and loud noise doesn't bother him, he slept through it all. He really had a late night out, we got home at 2 am. He didn't seem to mind.

On Saturday Kip and I went to a Baby Shower for Angie. It was given by her friends at work. She really got a lot of nice things. Now we are just waiting on little Ansley to get here. I really can't wait, it will be so much fun seeing Kip and Ansley grow up together and to be a aunt!

After the shower we went to Ed and Diana's to watch them Dawgs play. WOW! Knowshown can really jump, for anyone that watched the game knows what I am talking about! HE is amazing! Well, they really put a beating on Cent. Mich. After the game we all went home so I could finish getting my stuff together for Button and Bows.

Sunday we went to church, then over to the Main Campus to start getting things ready for our big kids sale. We really got a lot of stuff in on Sunday. I am not sure where we are going to put everything. I really enjoy working the kid sale.

Maybe I will have time to write before we leave for FL/Bama on Friday. If not I will keep u up dated through out our weekend. It will be Kip's first trip to the beach. His best friend Malachi will be there too.

See ya!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

Kip ready to go to the Lake!
Chillin 6 weeks old
He was one COOL DUDE!
He loves the outdoors

Our Weekend was great! Started out by going to Josh & Jenni's to watch the UGA game on Saturday. (Kip's 1st Game) We beat Georgia Southern 45-21, which was good.
We went to Uncle Jesse's for a fish fry. It was hot! Adam and I rode around on the gator while my mom and everyone else watched Kip.
On Sunday after church we went to the lake with Josh, Jenni, Ed, Diana, Kimberly, Garrin and Joe. It was Kip's 1st trip to the lake. He loved it, I must add. He even went swimming with is daddy! I stayed on the boat and took pics. After the lake we went to the church Picnic. It was fun, not to hot! It was fun to see everyone!
On Monday, we went to the lake with Angie, Stephen, Mark and Teresa. We was going to the waterfall but because of the drought last summer there isn't enough water to get up to the waterfall. The Mayfield's had a great Labor Day weekend.
Now we are all getting ready for Bartow's Relay for Life! Lot's to do and not enough time.