Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not much

Kip with Grandmama

With Papa's hat and glass!

What can I say it was another great football weekend! Georgia Won and Bama! I am not sure about this coming up weekend! It will be a great game! To bad I can't watch it! Adam and I are having date night with a bunch of friends. We are going down to the Fox to watch Les Mis. Sounds fun. I guess for Adam's sake I can through in that he is happy because Georgia Tech won Too.

Friday afternoon Kip and I went over to Grandmama's to visit! She looks really good! Monday she starts her 1st round of treatments. I bet she will not be feel well after that but she's fighter, she can do it. For thoughts of you that don't know she has colon cancer. She has a few other spots in other places, but it is in God's hands. Just keep her in your prayers.

Saturday we cleaned out or closet! I have learned to not let Adam help he has to keep everything. We went to dinner with Angie and Stephen. She had a Gift card for a restaurant down town Acworth. So, we had to go try the place out! Not very good, if I knew the name of the place I would tell you, but i can't spell it. Afterwards Adam, Kip and I went to Ed and Diana's to watch the game.

Sunday~ We went to church. It was college game day, but I didn't get the email so we wasn't dressed up. We could have won! Everyone else was ready! We came home afterwards and Adam and i clean a little more. We are getting ready for a few yard sales. I have started selling few things on eBay. I hope it works, we need some money. Why not sell some junk? I am very excited! If all goes well I am going to do some things for my brother in laws business. Wish me well. Adam is just sitting back thinking I have gone crazy for doing eBay and yard sales. I'll hope to be laughing in his face when I am making money! I hope everyone has a blessed week! Go Dawgs!


mom0ktdid said...

Corey is like that too! I like to clean out while he is gone because he is a pack rat. I send him out with a huge bag of trash after cleaning out something and he's like "are you sure this is all trash?" ha ha.
I am glad I found your blog! I am going to put it on my blog roll so I will remember to come read!