Friday, December 12, 2008


Yes! Really! We came over the mountain and there was 3ins of snow! BEAUTIFUL! Kip's First snow! To bad we had to travel to see it! Maybe we will get some at home this winter.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We can't wait!

Kip with Santa

Us with Mamaw

We are headed to the mountains this Friday! We are so ready to get out of town. Adam has been working like a crazy person and I am just ready! When someone says lets go I say when.

We started giving Kip some real food and he seems to like everything except green beans. He don't like them to well. We started with the Veggies and some time during the day now we are letting him try fruits. It is fun watching him eat different foods. The first week we had food every where. We are getting better. Not so messy!

Thanksgiving was great. We kicked it off by going over to Marc and Jessica dewberry's on the Sunday before. We ate and played a game called "Signs". Which is now something we do every Sunday night. it is so Additive. On thanksgiving day we watched to Macy's day parade and then we got ready to go to Aunt Eunice's. Kip had a funny look on his face the whole time and couldn't figure out who all the people were. After that we went over to Mark and Teresa's. We had a great time they broke out old video's of all the kids growing up. We laughed and had a great time.

Well, we should have a update of out trip daily as of Sat. So, keep up!