Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It has been awhile!

Oh my! Where do I start? My Internet has been down and I couldn't update my blog! A lot has happened! Kip is almost 4 months old! Can't believe it! He has gotten so big! He is growing up right before our eyes!
On Friday Oct. 24, we had a 70's night of mystery at our church. It was alt of fun! I was Trisha Trinket and Adam was Wade Wilmington. We was the Maid of honor and Best man! No was not the killer!
We went to Helen, Ga. with Ed, Diana, and Theresa for Oktoberfest on Oct. 26th. We had fun playing put-put and walking around, but Oktoberfest was not what we expected.
We enjoyed his 1st Halloween he was a puppy with floppy ears! I took him and Elizabeth down town Cartersville to trick or treat! Really just Elizabeth trick or treated! We had fun. We walked around with Stephanie, Tim and Eli. Afterwards we went over to Aunt Kelly's, Nona and papa's and we visited Jane and Ralph (Nana and Pop) as well. Adam then met up with us and we went to trunks of treats at the church. Lot's of candy and fun. we took Elizabeth home and went to Nana and Paw's to see them and Memaw! Very busy day!
Adam has been working alot! Only having Monday's off so I have been doing alot and I went back to work my 3 days. We are trying to start saving for Christmas. Can't believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are just weeks away! I hope everyone is having a great Fall and enjoying the beautiful leafs.