Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kip's 4 months old!

So, is there a winter chill in the air a little soon! Does that mean we will see lots of snow this year! We can only hope. In the last 4 years we have only had a inch of snow and we want more! If it is this cold it should be snowing!

Kip is now 4 months old and changing everyday, before we know it we will blink and he will be in High school. I am scared of that day! I like my baby being little! He has a nasty little cold! With a fun runny nose and little cough. He is having a hard time sleeping and so am I .

Adam is up in the North Georgia mountains, he is there for a SWAT class. I am sure he would rather be home . He says he is freezing and it has really be long days. He gets home Friday, maybe we can go out to eat to celebrate him being home.

My grandma has been in the hospital again and this time it has been since Nov. 11th. She wasn't doing good the Chemo is kicking her butt! We are hoping she is coming home tomorrow. My Aunt Betty is going to let her come say there. Thank you Aunt Betty you are the greatest! I did go to the hospital yesterday and Curled her hair for her. Just keep praying for her.

Well, I'll keep you posted! This weekend we are taking Kip to see Santa! EXCITING!