Friday, September 12, 2008

Day one at the beach!

Kip is happy to be at the beach!

His 1st beach picture.

Marc, Josh, and Adam not
sure about this wave.

Well, We made it! We are at Orange Beach Florida, we arrived at 5:30 am. Kip did pretty good during the ride. We only had to stop once about 1:30 because he was hungry. Now we can say Kip has been to Florida and Alabama. He likes to ride in the car. Adam and I got a few hours of sleep when we arrived, but not enough.

We really didn't do a whole lot today! Hurricane Ike is really making it very windy and the waves are Huge! Adam, Marc, and Josh played in the ocean. It was very dangerous! A wave hit Adam and his head ran in to Josh. Giving Adam a head ache. Then Adam got a cramp in his leg, Marc and Josh had to get him out of the water. The whole time Jenny and I are sitting there trying to figure out what they are doing. Kip loves being outside. We haven't put his toes in the sand and a drink in his hand yet but he is still very happy.

We went to The Hangout for dinner it was a very cool atmosphere, but a little dead due to the weather and it is off season. After I got Kip to sleep! Adam and I crashed we was so tired.