Sunday, May 10, 2009

I don't want to hear it! I know it has been 2 months since a update!
So really quick!
1~ Momma Had Surgery and is doing great!
2~ Kip has now crawled up the stairs with no fear. On the first go he Crawled all the way up, got to the top turned and started clapping .
3~ Next week he will be 10 months old! I almost have a 1 year old.
4~ Adam's job is doing great. He works alot, but at least we are blessed he has a JOB
5~ I am now a Thirty-One Consultant! YAY! I love it! Check out my web page to find out what it is all about. If you are interested in having a party let me know. Lots of open dates for June! If you love monogrammed items you will fall in love with Thirty-One.
6~ Kip will be walking soon! I know everyone says you really don't want them to walk early! They will be running before you know it and in to everything. Well I was a early walker and I think he should be too. I walked at around 8 and 1/2 months. If he would just let go he would do it! Maybe before his 1st birthday would be ok!
7~I had Strep throat in April NO FUN! I don't remember ever having it! I hated it and I still Worked through it! I was so tired.
8~ Our Friends Marc and Jessica's little boy Malachi turned one and we went to his Birthday party and it was so much fun.
9~ Can you believe it.... Adam and I are trying to plan a weekend get away for August! I can't believe we will celebrate our 5 year Anniversary!
10~ Oh yeah! Praise report.... My grandmother finished her last Cemo treatment in March! So far everything is good. If you know my grandmother then you know how stubborn she is! She is back to cutting her own grass. She just turned 79 years old( on man she is going to kill me for adding the Age) I took her out Friday for her Birthday and Mother's day to the Pizza Farm, Which she loves and had not been there since before she started treatments! I must say We had a great time I kept her out until 8 o'clock! (unusual) I am blessed to have that strong willed woman in my life. She gets so mad at me all the time! But she loves me!
11~ I have became Graceland's Nursery Director since I last posted. ( our church) I love our Church it feels like home.
12~ Adam and I are fixing to get out home repainted! Maybe Tan with white trim! The man should be starting soon! If it would just quit raining for a few days in a row! Man have we go the rain. The lake looks weird be cause it is too full. We was saying it looked scary because it was so low! Thank good for that rain , even though it messes up our hair and our plans sometimes.
13~ Kip has not one but 3 teeth coming in at the same time!
14~ We had a great Easter. It was Kip's first and he rolled around in his red wagon from mom and dad. and hunted Easter eggs. He is a mess.
15~ our friends Josh and Jenni's Little girl is sooooo Precious. She is so little she got her ears priced. So cute.
16~ I need to have yard sale but don't want to get up early.Why don't people have them in the evening I think you could sale more! LOL! Random thought!
17~ Oh yeah I went on a girls trip + Kip in April. We went down to Jacksonville FL. and St. Augustine. The girls were Kelly, Diana, Marissa, and Theresa! Lots fun! It is all owed to Stephen and Angie for the free stay! Thank you guys!
18~I just wan to ask you to pray for one of my best friends that is going through the big D and I don't mean Dallas! She and her 2 kids need our prayers!
19~ So today was Mom's Day! It was a great 1st Mom's day! Went to church and the men cooked breakfast for us all. Eric preached a good message. We went over to Adam's mom's for lunch! Kip and Ansley put there bathing suits on and jumped in the pool! They both loved it! So sweet! I will be getting his pool out ASAP! I really think he should have played for Hours! Adam, Kip, and I went to the mall got some really good deals for us and Kip! Mom and Dad Met us there, we hung out then we had dinner at the Varsity! Love it! Adam took me by Cold Stones for mom's day! Favorite Ice cream place. Then came home gave Kip a bath and we played and then we put the little booger to bed!
20~ I will post pics later! Thanks for reading and catching up with us! I hope every mom out there had a good Mothers Day!

PS ~ I am sure everyone wants to know what Adam got me for Mom's day! Since it was my first! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
He got me the last to books of the Twlight series! That is such a touching gift! I am taking them back to get the money! I can Borrow them! I have borrowed the 1st 2 books! I did get a card from him and a card from Kip! I guess I can't expect much since we have little money. I just think that you should at least get something that always reminds me of my 1st mother's day! LOL! I know I am sounding snobby! But Hey It was My 1st! Can't someone side with me.


AshLeeMitchell said...

im glad your "back" post some new pics soon!!!