Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!

Where has the year gone? No one knows.... Time just flies by when we are having fun.

I enjoy being a mom, Kip and I have so much fun everyday. He is now 16 months old and let me tell you he is a little Adam, that's for sure. He is into everything. Some days I think he might just climb up the Christmas tree. We are ready for Christmas, here at the Mayfield compound. Christmas Trees have been up for 2 weeks now. I am thinking we will not be putting gifts under the tree this year. The little gifts we are able to buy will be put up and out of reach of little hands.

My Thirty-one business has done very well in the last month. I did 4 parties and they was all over $500. I am Thankful for having Thirty-One in my life. Such a blessing to have the extra money these days. I have a few parties in the beginning of December and then I will enjoy a couple of weeks with the 2 guys in my life.

Thanksgiving was great as always. We are always very busy that day. We went to my Aunts at 12 and then his moms at 2. Good times and memories are had by all. We even started our shopping earlier this year we was at Wal-Mart at 9pm that night to get Kip's Car. It was the only one within a 100 miles and it was at the one in Cville so we had to go get it. Next year we will have to start hiding his Santa gifts but good thing we are still safe this year. Afterwards I went home to bed only to get up at 5 and meet mom at 6 at kohls. Then we headed for the mall. I must say It wasn't very crowded. I didn't do mush shopping, but it was fun.

OK OK Us GEORGIA fan have had a bad season this year and it seems like everyone that is not a fan has to rub it in our face. I must say Aren't we allowed to have a ruff season every once in a while? After the Game Saturday It made the Season great!!! Dawgs beat Tech and let me tell ya Georgia was the under Dawg and we WON! Crazy! So this year I get the bragging rights in the mayfield house. Adam for some reason like Tech. Not sure what he is thinking? This was Kip's 2nd Football Season and after every Saturday watching the Dawgs play he now can say GO DAWGS ! Very Proud!

I hope to post again soon!

Love you all!